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Sports league scheduling

Generating a sports league schedule is a challenging task due to the variety of different requirements which have to be addressed. The basic problem for scheduling a sports league may be formulated as follows. The league consists of 2n teams, each team has to play against each other team exactly k times. In order to schedule these n(2n-1)k games, (2n-1)k rounds are available, where each team has to play one game in each round. Thus, for each round t=1,...,(2n-1)k one has to determine which teams i,j play against each other in this round and for each of these pairings i-j, whether it is played in the home stadium of team i (home game for i) or in the home stadium of team j (away game for i).

We are working on algorithms to solve different sports league scheduling problems. Especially, we develop construction methods for schedules with specific properties (e.g. fairness issues, tournaments on a single court):   Constructing methods for sports league schedules


In cooperation with two league administrators from the TTVN (Tabletennis federation of Lower Saxony) we developed a system which is able to automatically generate schedules for table tennis leagues: