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Performance of PVM
on a Highly Parallel Transputer System

Alexander Reinefeld
Center for Parallel Computing
Universität Paderborn

Volker Schnecke
FB Mathematik/Informatik
Universität Osnabrück


Although PVM was developed to use a network of heterogeneous UNIX computers as a single large parallel computer, it has become an interface for portable programming even on MPP's. We present PVM performance results for a massively parallel transputer system with up to 512 processors. In comparison to an implementation of the same application in the native transputer operating system Parix, we realized about 30% performance loss for the PVM application. This is mainly caused by restrictions in the process model and the less efficient communication of PVM in comparison to Parix.

Volker Schnecke
Thu Dec 15 22:13:21 MET 1994