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Stan James

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Stan James:
Trusted Metadata Distribution Using Social Networks

Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Oliver Vornberger

Zweitgutachter: Prof. Dr. Graham Katz

Many things found on the internet are low-quality, false, or dangerous. Users are often asked to make decisions of trust without any background information. Meta-information about what is good or trustworthy is traditionally spread by word of mouth, but the vast quantity of resources encountered online demands a faster means of distribution. I am developing methods for using a social network of defined trust relations for individualized automated collection of metadata. Specifically, I have developed a browser extension that collects, publishes, and applies this metadata. The extension presents trusted evaluations of web pages, downloaded files, and running processes. It also enhances web searching by promoting highly-rated content within result sets. More information can be found on the project homepage at http://www.getoutfoxed.com.

Email: sjames@uos.de

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